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Each day there are several studies that are carried out to further knowledge on weed science. These studies are playing a vital role in ensuring they do away with myths and misconceptions surrounding weed science. Marijuana and hemp are the most common topics that research is being done on.

However, the majority of the folks do misuse the word hemp more, mainly when referring to the psychoactive effects of marijuana.  However, the reason behind this is because they lack knowledge about the differences between hemp and marijuana.

Hemp is so unique in that unlike in other studies (such as marijuana ) you can not replace one word with another. Yes, this will bring something unique onboard. Also, hemp oil is not the same as Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil).

Hemp oil is made mainly from the seeds of the hemp plant while on the other extraction of CBD oil is done from the hemp plant but added to solvent oils such as coconut oil.

Now, today let us clear up the air; we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the hemp plant and its possible side effects. Are you in dire need of this knowledge? Then keep reading till the end. 

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What is hemp?

Well, this is the place with the biggest challenge. But, let me take you back to high school, do you remember 'binomial nomenclature'? The double naming system used by scientists (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species ). Let's begin from there. However,  I beg to use the last two.

Thus, the scientific name that is given to hemp is cannabis Sativa. But does that exactly mean that hemp is marijuana since hemp is not psychoactive? Hemp and marijuana are both species of the cannabis Sativa plant, but they serve different purposes.

However for better clarity on what is hemp then usually it is good to refer to it as the material used in the clothing industry to make clothes instead of you using it to refer to the psychoactive effects of the marijuana plant.

And here is where our next point of discussion comes in;

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What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

The primary difference between hemp and marijuana plants lies in their chemical makeup. Therefore,  the hemp plant is non-psychoactive while on the other marijuana plant alters the normal functioning of your brain. The hemp plant has very fewer cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that make the marijuana plant the best thing to be around with.

It is for this reason therefore that the hemp plant is commonly grown for Industrial uses purposes while on the other hand the marijuana plant is mainly grown and sold for the sake of its benefits in the health and wellness sector.

The different parts of the hemp plant can be grown for the sake of being used to produce paint, lubricant, cardboard, rope, shoes, and many other products.

Now here we come to our main topic of discussion;

What is hemp oil? The Magic Oil!

Hemp oil also known as hemp seed oil is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant.  Sometimes, however, some plant matter is also used to manufacture the hemp oil. 

Most people misuse the term hemp oil while using it to refer to psychoactive oil or the oil used for medicinal purposes.

Hemp oil is different from CBD oil in that it does not contain cannabinoids such as present CBD oil, but it mainly serves as a foodstuff.

What are the side effects of hemp oil? 

Being a foodstuff, most of the common side effects associated with hemp will occur as a result of consuming the oil. Also if you have a higher sensitivity to other fuels, then there are chances that you will suffer from the same after Ingesting hemp oil.

Here are some of the common side effects that are associated with hemp oil; 

Hemp oil has high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The most common polyunsaturated fatty acids are omega-three and omega-six fatty acids.  These fatty acids are of more significant benefit to your body when available in low amounts since they help in contributing to your general wellness.

However, when they are available at higher levels, they become hazardous to you. They can contribute to; cardiac dysfunction, bacterial infections, and the growth of cancer.


Under high temperatures, hemp oil produces dangerous peroxides.


When too high temperatures, hemp seed oil produces hazardous peroxides, the fatty acids present in the oil break down to form these dangerous peroxides.

The good news, however, when the peroxides are in low quantities, then it is nothing to get worried about because they are harmless. However, when these peroxides multiply and become more, then they cause more harm than good to you.


Also, something crucial to always remember is that if incorrectly used, hemp oil also catches fire quickly, just like other oils.


Hemp oil can interfere with drug metabolism if you are under medication.

However very rare, this effect still can occur. Hemp oil contains CBD(however in insufficient quantities). CBD affects the effectiveness of other drugs that you are taking. The efficacy of the drugs will either be reduced or erased altogether.

Therefore, if you are under any drug medications and you want to introduce Hemp oil into yours. Daily routine, then it is essential to consult your doctor first.

Hemp oil can bring about digestive issues.

For individuals that are highly sensitive to other oils, unfortunately, you should not be surprised that hemp oil also causes digestive problems. Here are some of the common digestive issues that are caused by hemp oil; acid reflux, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and many more.

Hemp oil can be psychoactive ( very slightly though) to sensitive individuals


Hemp oil has strains of THC (usually less than 1%). However, these strains of THC are very low to get you high; however, some few individuals are highly sensitive; hence they will experience a mild high after consumption of hemp oil. Therefore if you undergo such you should immediately cease using hemp oil and consult your doctor.

BONGS ONLINE AUSTRALIAN REVIEW -The Magic Side Effects Of Hemp Oil - Everything You Need To Know! - Final thoughts

CBD oil and hemp oil are different. Likewise to marijuana and hemp. Hence you should not misuse the word hemp or hemp oil to refer to the psychoactive effects of marijuana or medical marijuana.


If you are under any drug medications, you should always consult your doctor before starting to use hemp oil. Also, if you use hemp oil and realize a mild high, then you should stop using the oil until told you, doctor, otherwise. 

Generally, hemp oil is safe and legal to use in states whereby cannabis is legal. Hence, if you are privileged to come from one of these countries, then it is a product worth giving a trial.

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